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New hang type slitting machine, meet Dahua at Chinaplas 2019
Published:2019-05-20 Be viewed: 447 Times

2019 CHINAPLAS (GUANGZHOU) is coming, Hangzhou Dahua with show the new models and plans at the exhibition site.


Exhibition layout

A new round of industrial revolution has brought many new changes to the manufacturing industry. Personalized customization and intelligent production are the primary problems in the field of mechanical manufacturing. In view of the increasingly diverse demand for personalized production and intelligent manufacturing, Dahua Slitter continues to carry out intellectualization, automation technology research and development, which provides technical support for the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry to intelligence and informatization.

Movie footage

Hang type slitting machine, which gathered more than 20 years of research theory and experience in the slitting industry, based on rapid customization of the intelligent upgrading of the new generation of products. Equipped with new technology, the machine is integrated with intelligent management, and connecting with the Internet of things become possible. With its flexible, rich combination form and compact external size, customers can maximize the utilization of the plant. From the form of paper collection, convenience and work efficiency, the new generation of products of Dahua can provide the best solution. To achieve high-efficiency and low-cost dual benefits, in the pursuit of precision, high-speed, automated production, Dahua bring more profits for customers.


In addition, the site will showcase more slitting new technologies and management cloud platforms to enable you to fully experience the convenience of intelligent slitting.


Welcome to visit us at Chinaplas 13.1D41.