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Development Process
Established in December of 1999, Hangzhou Dahua Industry Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a shareholder and provincial high-technology/software enterprise with multi-investment. Our focus is to specialize in high value-added R&D, sales, assembly, commission and service of slitting and rewinding industry.As the leader of slitting and rewinding technology, we keep on changing customer needs into solutions, which is integrated into our products design and manufacture. With the application of intelligent technologies, our products have achieved to realize high efficient and high quality production, minimum dependence on operators. Currently our products have been very popular among the customers because of our reliable R&D technologies, complete product series, superior quality but very reasonable price.
  • 2014 F-Plus Type slitter was successfully developed and the working speed has reached 800m/min,a sharp rise of production in this field.
  • 2013 In 2013, we develop the rewinder which can be directly equipped with the film producing line, reached the advanced international technical level.
  • 2012 In 2012, we develop the wide width slitter special for capacitor film. It has superior adaptability and high automatic. It is the right substitution of imported slitter.
  • 2012 In 2012, we implement the "development strategy of the transformation and upgrading of structure adjustment".
  • 2012 In 2012, A-Plus Type slitter was successfully developed and has reached the advanced international technical level. The working speed has reached 1000m/min.
  • 2011 In 2011, our company sales revenue exceeds one hundred million Yuan.
  • 2010 In 2010, we developed High Speed Paper-slitter, further develop the applied area.
  • 2009 In 2009, we are awarded as "Zhejiang Province Technology R&D center".
  • 2009 In 2009, the machine speed of our U series High Speed Slitter has reached 1000m/min. The whole performance reached international advanced level.
  • 2008 In 2008, we are awarded as " Hangzhou City Technology Center".
  • 2007 In 2007, we developed Lithium Battery Separator Film Slitter, which showed that we began to enter the lithium battery separator field.
  • 2006 In 2006, we developed W Series High Speed Paper-slitter, which showed that we began to enter the paper-slitting field.
  • 2006 In 2006, our products were awarded by Chinese Packaging Federation as the solo "Famous-brand Packaging Products of P.R.China"in domestic slitter industry.
  • 2005 In 2005, we developed K series High Speed Slitter. It is the first choice for slitting printing flexible packaging materials.
  • 2003 In 2003, we developed A Series High Speed Slitter, adopting shaftless rewinding with multi rewinding stations. This machine was the first innovation in domestic slitter industry and reached international advanced level.
  • 2003 In 2003, we developed U series High Speed Slitter, which filled in the blank of domestic high-quality wide with high speed slitter.
  • 2001 In 2001, we were authorized as "High-Tech Technology Enterprise" and "Software Enterprise" in Zhejiang Province.
  • 1999 In 1999, Hangzhou Dahua Industry Control Technology Co., Ltd was founded, positioning iteself as a high-level professional manufacturer of slitter.
  • 1998 In 1988, we successfully develop the Double Shaft Center Control F Series High Speed Slitter. Began to enter the original film processing slitting field.